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Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020
I bought these dog scoop replacement bags months ago and didn't get around to using one of them until this morning after I depleted my supply of another brand's bags.

My God! These are horrible, horrible bags. I can't understand how there are positive reviews for these.

Where to start...

These are very, very thin. So thin that the blades of the pooper scooper actually perforate the bag. So, before you have the bag threaded on your pooper scooper, there are already blade holes all over it.

Next, these bags are small. I have a portable pooper scooper and the bag is so small I can't even thread it across the entire width of the scoop. The other brand of bags I had was much larger which is necessary for covering the front claws of the scooper for easy pick-up.

Finally, these are cut really badly, meaning when you dispense a new bag out at the seam there is a lot of work to separate the plastic in order to expand the bag.

I am just really upset that I bought such a large amount of these replacement bags that are completely useless for the task. I cannot implore to you enough how cheaply made and small these bags are. There are much better ones out there.
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