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Reviewed in the United States on July 25, 2018
Just be warned once you buy your child one of these books, you will eventually have to get the whole set!

Not sure what it is about these books, but my daughter is obsessed. I work in education, so I can say that it's very common. Once one of my students reads one book, they cannot wait to read the rest of the series!

These are simple easy books with simple graphics. My daughter is a 2nd grader who reads at about a 5-6 level, and she absolutely loves these books. She reads them over and over, and it takes her about 2 minutes to read one full book.

Each of these books has a subliminal life lesson as well. They focus on feelings, without making feelings an awkward subject. Highly recommend them, even if your child is an advanced reader...they will still love these.

I initally felt like they were a waste of money because they're so easy for my daugter to read, but after I saw how much she genuinely loves them, they were worth every penny.

She especially loves reading them to her little cousins and friends. They have a lot of expression (yelling, excited, ALL CAP WORDS, sighing, sadness, etc.) So they help my daughter practice her expressional reading where she reads without trying to speed read or sounding like a monotone robot! :)
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