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Reviewed in the United States on February 25, 2020
I have 5 young grandchildren--4 boys and one girl. I blank out when it comes to buying toy trucks and and other boys' toys but always get a thrill picking out gifts for my granddaughter because they're toys I would have wanted myself when I was a little girl.
These little Polly Pocket toys-in-a-case are ideal toys for my now-5-yo granddaughter because you've got both the doll-house background (or van, or whatever the setting) and a couple of little dolls to go with it. Great for long car rides.
But what's especially nice about the small size of these Polly Pockets is that my son, his wife, and 2 children live in a small apartment in Manhattan. There's simply isn't any room for my son's kids to have a lot of space-consuming toys in their tiny place and there's no basement for storage, so these tiny Polly Pocket toys are ideal. [Oh, BTW: guess where my son and his family DO store their excess stuff that doesn't fit in their apartment? In OUR basement of course. That's what parents/grandparents are for--storing your kids' stuff].

ONE REGRET ONLY--POLLY POCKET MAKERS, I hope you're listening to me here. Please, PLEASE make little replacement dolls that are the right size for your little Polly pocket toys for parents/grandparents to buy because those little dolls get lost SO EASILY--and it's not nearly as much fun to play with Polly Pocket toys when you only have one doll (or NO dolls). You should at least have 4 dolls in the original case to begin with (instead of just 2) along with an option to buy pack of replacement dolls little dolls that get lost.

So Polly Pocket Makers, PLEASE start selling replacement dolls for your little kits!
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