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Reviewed in the United States on May 24, 2020
My labs have come back negative. I was never pregnant so I got TWO false positives from these tests. I have emailed the company letting them know of my hellish weekend and to consider doing more tests on these before they release them to the public again.

At the moment I’m 50/50 on these tests. I like how they look, I think pink dye is much more reliable, and thick lines make it easy to read. I’m hesitant about them because I got a positive on a Tuesday, a positive two days later on Thursday and by that Saturday I started my period. Ever since I started bleeding I had believed I was having a miscarriage but now I’m doubting I was ever pregnant due to lack of common pregnancy symptoms. Im not sure if these tests are known for their false positives but if they are then be warned. Would be a shame if someone else were to go through the heartbreak that I did this last weekend all because a test made someone think they were pregnant when in fact they were not. If I were in fact pregnant and the positive results were correct then I would give these a 5 start rating, it’s only due to my uncertainty that I’ve lowered the rating. For now.

That being said, it is not confirmed by a doctor if I had a M/C or if I were ever even pregnant in the first place so take my review with a grain of salt. Again, I like the test (maybe even more so than first response) and I want to give it a better review but as of right now I’m unsure of them. I’ve purchased another pack as well as first response brand so I can compare in the future. I will try to come back and update my review when the time comes.
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