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Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2020
Surprised my parents with a new computer. They are very light users, and the last computer I built for them was coming up on 7 years old. On a budget of $380, I based around a Ryzen 3200g, Asus b450 mATX motherboard, g.skill 16gb DDR4-3200 (way overkill, but on sale it was only $12 more than the 2x 4gb kit...), Silicon power 256gb nvme drive, and a thermaltake versa h17 case. The $380 includes a windows 10 pro oem key, a USB 3 hub, and a USB 3 6ft extension cable. Reused the 120gb sata solid state from the old system and used the stock hsf from a 3900x. Have three of them from builds at work that we put larger cooling systems in.

This power supply has been in for a couple of days now, and it has been working perfectly. The fan is quiet, the cables robust and well made to a great length, and it runs nice and cool. 500W is overkill for the system, but I'd rather have plenty of headroom to keep the supply running well below peak consistently.
Fitment in the H17 case is perfect, and I must say the H17 case is my favorite case of this size and price point with which I have ever used for a build. I will be using it again shortly for a work build. I saw some rough reviews, although generally quite well liked, but for the price versus features, this model checked all the boxes. Should something go amiss in the future, I will update this review.

All in all, highly recommended, and will look to this for general use systems in the future.
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