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Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2020
I really enjoyed this book, but the author was a little rude toward Christianity.

Most fiction books about Greek mythology stay away from the topic of religon, as it is obviously made up, but the author Rick Riordan mentions it! (And he is not very respectful either.) It is as if he really believes in Greek gods!

On page 67, the protagonist Percy Jackson asks one of the gods about Jesus, and the greek god just shrugs it off, saying " That is a different matter." And Percy goes with it! If Percy was a true believer, he wouldn't give up so easily! And he obviously was, or else he wouldn't have asked. This is such a small thing that the author could have taken out, but Riordan kept it in. Why? To prove the point that Christianity isn't real!

On page 293, it's the worst. When the protagonists get to the so-called underworld, they see a preacher. It is told that the preacher was raising money for a charity, but used it for himself instead. He died by driving his " Lamborghini for the Lord" off a cliff. What is that symbolizing? And when Percy Jackson asks his friend, " Didn't he believe in a different underworld?" His friend tells him that " mortals can be stubborn in that way, always looking through the truth." If that doesn't prove my point, then what will? Stubborn? It's called being right! The truth is God!

The underworld is portrayed very wrong. The characters say mocking phrases such as " oh my gods" and " thank the gods."

This is a great book, don't get me wrong. I just wish Riordan had been a little less disrespecting.

Not your best, Riordan. I think " The 39 Clues" series was better. But oh wait, you only wrote 2 of the 11 books in the series, and only one was independent! The other was written with three other people! Even Peter Lerangis and Gordon Korman did more work than you! And most people know who Riordan is, but not Korman and Lerangis.

In conclusion, Rick Riordan disrespects religions and steals fame for things other people did most of the work for (and that I become very mean when heated up!).
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