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Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2019
i love this monitor and way better than my older monitor i used. This is almost a perfect display for me. the size is great, custom-ability in the settings is fantastic. the only issue i have is the picture quality, it is a bit washed out for my liking. i did go in the setting and fix it and make it better but it never got to perfect levels.
setting that i changed:
brightness: 50
Contrast: 50
Black level: 3-5 (what i found to be the sweet spots)
Blue light: off
Super Sharpness: off (looks worse when on tbh)

Gama: 2.2
Golour Temp: Normal
6-axis hue: everything 50
6-axis saturate: everything around 75-80

after i set the changes to that, the color was a lot better and was more enjoyable. dont plug this in and expect it to be ready to go cause you do have to mess around with it a bit. i noticed some people liked the 6-axis saturate where everything around 55 except yellow, that is at 59. i think this monitor is worth it.

edit: i have been using this monitor for about 3 months now(not exact cause they just made it gsync compatible while i bought it when it was freesync compatible). The only issue i have came across is with the power port. if i try to move the monitor the cord will become loose. all you have to do is push move the power cord around and/or push it back it. it really isn't an issue since it doesn't do it when it's just sitting there and not being touched. if it wasn't for that it would really be a perfect monitor. but to me it really isn't a big deal since it only happens when im cleaning my desk, plugging in a new cable, or just repositioning the monitor but i rarely do any of those things anyway so it really isn't a big deal.

This monitor has been really good and all the issues besides that is just been windows 10 or user error. the one weird thing that i found is that when you power off the monitor it completely shuts down unlike every monitor i had. my PC thinks it's not there and will move everything to my second monitor and i actually like that feature. it saves power when you aren't using it and isn't constantly having power brought to the monitor when it's off. i just wished i waited a few months to get it when it got gsync so i can use those features. I have a 1070ti and i can't use freesync but the monitor works perfectly fine still. besides that everything is great. still butter smooth, sharp image but you have to tune it up since it comes pretty bland and dull out of the box but i think that is so we can customize it how we want and show us how really good this monitor can be. i would definitely buy this monitor again even with that weird power issue. 10/10, best monitor i have owned
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