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Reviewed in the United States on October 27, 2020
As a huge fan of Ms. Vanessa Vale’s Bridgewater series, both historical and contemporary, I was thrilled to learn that her town of Bridgewater was adding new stories and inviting other authors to spin a tale. Bridgewater is a town that has the uncommon practice of more than one husband per wife—a Mohamian custom adopted by soldiers who served in Mohamir. I enjoyed Lacey Davis’ story of Mattie, Alex, and Jesse.

The story begins with Jesse and Alex hearing a man fighting with a woman. When they go and investigate, they find Frank hurting Mattie. Learning from her that Frank is her step-brother and is planning to rape her and force her into a marriage she doesn’t want; they decided they will protect her. Talking to her dying mother, they make a promise; they will marry and protect her. So with the blessings of her mother, and with reluctance, she leaves.

“Congratulations, Alex and Mattie,” the judge said.”

“You’re protecting me, and I protect what’s mine. You two are now my men,” she said.”

The chemistry between Mattie, Alex, and Jesse is instant. While each of the men has a painful past, they want a happy future, which is possible now with Mattie. Because of their history, they are very dominant and not easily swayed on being lenient with her. Just as in any new relationship, there will be hiccups, and especially when they are strangers to her.

“How could something that seemed so carnal be so pleasurable? And how could she love it so much?”

Just like with other Bridgewater Bride books, evil is lurking and determined to cause trouble. For Alex and Jesse, it will be several of their calves slaughtered, and a suggestion from Mattie sets them into motion—delivering the dead cows in front of Edward’s store.

“We are going to take the cattle to them and do what you suggested. We’re going to dump them on the front door of their shop.”

The plot will have Mattie’s step-father and step-brother making plans to not only destroy what Jesse and Alex own but to kill them and then for Frank to marry her to gain her inheritance. Knowing of the danger, and when trouble comes to Bridgewater, they will need to go into Butte and leave Mattie with Emma and her husbands. But when a messenger arrives with a note stating that Alex and Jesse are with her dying mother, she will leave and go with him.

The story has the good, the bad, and the evil of people. Mattie is a sweet person but is a sassy girl who can hold her own. Alex and Jesse are very strict and dominant me, and for me, I feel they allowed some of their past to interfere in their new life. I thought it was extremely unfair to punish her when she truly believed the note was from then, and yes, they were angry because they felt she disobeyed. After knowing each other for only a few days---it was over the top.

“All day, we couldn’t wait to get home to you, and you were gone,” Jesse said.”

“Always remember, we would protect you with our lives. And never put you in danger.”

“I know you’re angry with me, but I like the fact that you’re in control. I like what we do together. I like it when you spank me, but not when you‘re angry.”

I guess as they say, “All’s well that ends well.” The story has explicit erotic scenes, unequal power exchange, and ménage scenes between Mattie, Alex, and Jesse. Best of all, it does have a happy ending.
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