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Reviewed in the United States on February 11, 2013
I found this history not only inaccurate in places but also offensive. For one, the author refers to the people that lived around Muhammad during pre-Islamic times and during the birth of Islam as Bedouins. The Qurayish- the tribe the dominated Mecca at the time- were far from Bedouin. Bedouin means nomadic people. The people of Mecca were settled and Mecca was a thriving city. But more importantly she refers to the Reconquista as the most successful attack on Muslims to date and as well as painting a picture of the crusades as heroic. She does mention the enormous casualties but in such a quick one liner (literally) that it gives the impression it was not pertinent. She fails to include that the Reconquista was a massive attack on Jews as well as Muslims (probably figured more Jews would be reading the book than Muslims and wanted to stay safe) and she also fails to mention or take a moment to honor that the Crusades were a very dark period in Christian history. I know she mentions massacre after massacre with not a drop of sensitivity throughout her books but there are certain moments in history - the Crusades, The Reconquista, The Holocaust, and many current situations- that need sensitivity. I also feel that her constant reference and mention of massacre after war after massacre etc with no details about people- culture- the effect etc- is the kind of education that teaches a child that these things are not too significant and those children grow to be adults that read newspaper articles with the same numbness and the cycle continues. History should be taught with the intention of making a difference in the world.
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