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Reviewed in the United States on January 15, 2019
I finished 40% of this book and I cannot take it anymore. Many 1,2 star reviews summarized the "painful" part perfectly already. So I do not want to repeat all of that. I read one of his older books a few years ago - don't remember too many details but it was a good read and I actually follow and apply all of these concepts in my life. But boy oh boy this book is so painful to read. He overdid the part of trying to scientifically prove all of his ideas, it got so boring and dry. So much repetition and so many silly diagrams. For example, he has a diagram to show the polarity part of a magnet - a piece of rectangular magnet with N and S sides and little squiggly lines around to show the magnetic field. And then he seriously says "see fig X describing the magnet". COME ON!!!! It just felt like he so desperately want his book to look like a serious scientific book with diagrams and how authors refer you to technical diagrams. I struggled to read this book for the past 2 weeks and then finally I was like let me look at the 1 and 2 star reviews. And there we go, they described my pain perfectly, lol. And what people said is true. I believe I bought one meditation from his store long time ago and I remember how much I was bombarded with emails after that. We have so much material in this arena nowadays for free on youtube or many other kindle books, there is no reason for me to torture myself with this book and then buy more of his material. I will look at other authors and their products/services.
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