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Reviewed in the United States on March 9, 2018
Our family normally buys Charmin but one day on Amazon a recommendation came up for Presto. Obviously nobody wants "gas station" type toilet paper so I was a bit hesitant to purchase it. I have 2 adults and 3 kids in my household so that's an earful of something as important as tp is not liked.
Amazon has never disappointed so I figured give it a try and worst case save them for "emergencies" in the future (but sense we use Amazon subscribe and save its rare we run out of anything).
Well I told my wife I bought it and she was less than pleased to say the least and said to cancel the order. We'll I decided not to cancel and I'm glad that was the decision. Upon receiving it, the packaging is very professional and without the bargain type look to it. The tissue itself in my opinion is in discernible from any other major QUALITY brand and may even be better. I added the first tool and didn't tell and of the family and guess what? Nobody said a thing. I even tried to get negative comments by saying "I blew my nose and whatever tp that is, is horrible" my wife commented back "Its the normal charmin ultra stuff". So in short is very easily past the test. The mega rolls are very large. Our in wall dispenser holds them just fine but if you have a small dispenser you may need to by the non mega roll. The girls in the house loved the flower design. My one Daugherty said "it's pretty". The paper has no negative comments I can think of and as long as it remains in Stock and at a good price I see no reason we will be changing back and I really encourage you to buy it and try it.
I look forward to trying more amazon branded products because this tissue is great quality for sure.
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