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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2019
I love Audrey Grey's books so when I found out she had rewritten my favorite book to make it a longer series I was beyond excited. The rewrite had a lot to live up to since the original version was breath taking. I'll admit that I didn't love this one quite as much as the original but I can see where it's going and I know the next books will reach my expectations.

So let's talk about what I loved. The world building and explanations are exactly what I was missing in the original version. I feel like I understand this world way more than I did before. I also loved all the little details that make it less of a story and more of an immersive experience. This whole world and the characters are just absolutely brilliant. I'm so happy that we got more depth and emotional attachment to the band of Solis traveling to break the curse.

Ok, now I have to talk about what I don't like. I hate doing this but there were some changes that I didn't care for at all. The biggest change I disliked was Stolas' name. It used to be Allucard and it was so easy to remember but when it changed to Stolas I had trouble remembering it because the race of Sun Lords are known as Solis so Stolas just doesn't stand out. I also didn't like Haven as much in the middle of this book but I understand why she had to become a little less mature than she had been. If she was already perfect how could she have any character growth? And by the end of the book it's easy to see how much she learned and matured so I'm incredibly excited to see her in the future books. And honestly, if these are the worst things about this book that says a lot because these are just nit picky things that I see because I've been obsessed with this series for what feels like years.
*I'll definitely reread this book and I absolutely recommend it to everyone!

So I want to rescind some of the remarks I make about the naming issues I had. Audrey reached out to explain why the name had to change and now that I understand the reasoning behind it I completely agree with the changes she had to make and support her entirely. I struggled to decide if I should rewrite the review but decided that I needed to keep it the way it is for authenticity but I should update everyone with my new opinion.
Now go and read all her books! *
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