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Reviewed in the United States on August 27, 2018
I love cold brew coffee and have used the Toddy Maker system for over 10 years. But the cleanup and waste of coffee finally drove me to seek something else out. After reading about many other different systems, the simplicity and cost of this one made me decide to try it. I'm glad I did. While it took me a few tries to make it in the strength I wanted as well as the least messy way, I've consistently made at least one to two batches a week. It's so easy, I find I'm drinking a lot more than normal (which may not be the most healthy thing in the world for me). For me, the trick for preparing a batch with as least a mess as possible was to fill up the cone with a GOOD solid inch left from the top. I then used the kitchen faucet on low, with the jar and filter below it, slowly stirring in the water with a butter knife into the coffee grounds (I just use Cafe Du Monde). I sometimes have to stop the water and stir more to let the water pass through the filter--especially as the mason jar becomes full. Then I just screw the solid, plastic cap on, click down the stopper, and shake the heck out of the jar, and leave for a good 24 hours (not the typical 12 I used to with the Toddy Maker). After the day, it's a matter of just lifting out the filter--I typically place into a tall drinking glass to let the soaked coffee grounds drain (I don't want to waste any of the concentrate!), pouring it into the main jar as the glass fills. I will typically pour the concentrate from the mason jar into another container (but you don't have to; it works well as a pitcher). I do this so I can start preparing a new batch before I'm finished with the current batch. This means being honest with myself about how much I plan on drinking, so that I start preparing a new batch without being out... Cleanup is easy. Once the filter has finally drained most (I leave it out for a few hours), I just upend and tap the grounds into my trash. I then rinse out thoroughly, cleaning the lid and jar at the same time--I sometimes will also leave the filter in the jar aft wards, soaking overnight in soapy water just to make sure to remove any of the coffee buildup on the filter. Even though this seems too simple and cheap to be really worth it (a jar, a lid with a stopper-spout, and a metal filter), it really does work well. Best of all I can make about two and a half batches with one single can of Cafe Du Monde coffee grounds. I batch will last me almost a week (I drink way too much but it's so good)--I use about 1/4-1/3 cup of the coffee concentrate and mix it into about 1 and 3/4 cups water. That, with a healthy dose of milk or creamer, makes for very large cup of coffee. If I want hot coffee, I just use hot water and add it to the cold concentrate. I'm so happy I decided to take the plunge--I haven't looked back since!.
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