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Reviewed in the United States on August 10, 2017
You thought poop bags were only for walking the dog? NOPE!

Some genius over at Playtex thought "Let's put a crap catcher, in a crap bag." BOOM! Diaper Genie was born. Why wouldn't customers want something like that? No one intends to walk the 100 ft. to their garbage to dispose of that small package of human waste. ...Exercise be danged!

It's better if we keep it all in a pail in our children's room, let it ferment a little. We want those babies to stack on top of each other until it hits capacity. It's like a poop filled jack in the box; you're hoping you're not caught with a diaper poking out the top. "Please make it fit!" you tell yourself as you try and shove one more poo present into the pail as hard as you can. You just hope it's your spouse that gets stuck with the one that doesn't make it in.

In the case you're the lucky one that doesn't make it fit, you turn into Poo Santa as you heft that long blue bag of caca over your shoulder and out that long 100 ft. walk the garbage. "HO HO HO," you say, as see your neighbors look at you with disgust from the smell the permeates everywhere like a skunk gone wild.

Let's get real though; this is a lazy man's dream for disposing of those poo pockets.

Smart of Playtex for thinking of a way to make me pay for it over and over and over again with their fancy round sack distributor. We wouldn't want to make it work with regular garbage bags, would we?

Over all, a decent product.

In Review:

* I rubbed this poo pail, and no genie came out.
* Poop is gross. Why not collect it?
* Playtex hit a home run
* Poo presents from Santa... some of us deserve that.
* I'm lazy
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