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Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2020
I have been bowling for most of my life, however, in terms of competitive bowling, I have only been involved in a league for about a year. As I have been practicing my skills over and over, I come to notice that my thumb gets irritated from the ball release. I noticed some of the house pros wore these stickers (or similar) around there fingers to protect from friction.Now, the only reason why I purchased these specific was because of the price and availability. They also had semi decent reviews. It took me a while and several wasted stickers to actually use them efficiently. In fact, I really couldn't get them to stick until I figured out a method that works. My advice to you is to clean your thumb - or whatever other areas you're putting the stickers on - with alcohol before sticking on so that you get a nice clean adhesion. These stickers would not stick on without the alcohol before hand - so be sure your hands are CLEAN, no sweaty or dirty fingers! Not to mention, because of ball friction, I find that I need a new sticker by game 3.
However, I did notice a huge difference when I did not use these stickers. At 1st, you can't really notice a difference, but when you play with the stickers on versus playing with them off... You really do see how they block friction.
Also, I think it's worth mentioning - I had to play around with these stickers a little bit to find the right spot for my finger. I put the stickers on the left side of my right thumb, just where I needed most. You may need to cover your entire thumb, or you may need to cover just the nail - whatever works for you, be sure to play around with these before you give up on them.
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