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Reviewed in the United States on September 8, 2019
Bought two sets of these to replace the ends on my jumper cables. The clamps are pretty strong and look like they'll last. The packaging for both kits looked like they floated all the way here from China.

They came with no instructions at all, not that they're complicated but a few tips for people who aren't mechanically inclined like I listed below would have be helpful to some people.

Helpful hints:

First thing... One of the two sets I received was missing the hardware kit. Make sure you confirm your kit has the small plastic bag with the hardware kit before you lay everything out and find it missing like I did.

2. The kit comes with two crimp-on wire-ends for the ends of the wires and also contains two screws, and two nuts to attached the wires to the clamps. I urge you to solder the crimp-on wire-ends to the wires before you attach them to the clamps (see attached picture). If you don't solder them, they wires will probably pull out of the clamps when you need them. I used my plumber's propane torch to heat the clamps and wires and used some regular wire solder to bond everything. It worked great and there's no way the wire's will pull out of the wire-ends now.

3. Don't forget to slide the rubber handles over the wires before you secure the wire-ends to the clamps.

4. When attaching the wir-ends to the clamps with the screws they provide, I strongly recommend using some lock washers on the screws as well. No lock-washers are provided but they should be. Without them, you can expect the screws will eventually work their way out on you.

5. The rubber handles fit too loosely and will slide off while you work with them. I had to ziptie the rubble handles on to prevent this which works fine but be prepared for it.

Good luck!
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