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Reviewed in the United States on November 19, 2020
There’s power in women’s prayer. We are more nurturing, compassionate, and natural critical thinkers. We can multi-task while taking things slowly, and we’re more in touch with our innermost feelings and emotions. Society perceives these things — namely the emotional stuff — as weaknesses or as “girly issues,” but they’re not. They are signs of strength. Internal strength is just as, if not more, valuable as external strength, and that is why a woman’s voice is so vital in a church or ministry.

WHEN WOMEN PRAY illustrates just how powerful a woman’s prayer can be, and how God uses women to unify and strengthen those around them. T. D. Jakes does a wonderful — and unpredictable — analysis on various women in the Bible, and how their prayers elevated them and those around them. Why unpredictable? Because he touched on various notable female characters, anyone from Mary, Esther, Sarah and Hannah. I expected to read about those women in this book, but I’m surprised that Jakes hadn’t addressed other notable people, like Ruth, Rebekah and Mary Magdalene. Instead, he wrote about the Samaritan Woman, Rhoda (from the Book of Acts), Anna (a prophet from Luke), the bleeding woman, etc. These women — a few of whom remain unnamed — had made their mark in their time because of their unshakable faith and strong prayers, but they get little love from people who study the Bible.

Jakes’s takes on women’s prayers are so refreshing. Some modern-day women might interpret his Woman Art Thou Loosed and other studies as “mansplaining” female Biblical figures, but his takes stem from his admiration for the strong women in his life, like his grandmother, mother and daughter. He encourages women to follow their paths, whether that path is as an entrepreneur, a mother, a ministry leader, or all of the above. Love him for that reason! I cannot recommend this book enough. I devoured it from start to finish.

Downsides? I would have liked to read his takes on Mary Magdalene and Ruth (he does one on Naomi instead, which is great too). Other than that, this is a must-read. Five solid Ginger and Cinnamon lattes, with creamy oat milk foam.
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