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Reviewed in the United States on June 4, 2016
There is always a drum-roll to lynch accused rapists, often without examining the facts. This book is just one example of why "innocent until proven guilty" should get more respect in modern-day America.

This should be required reading for organizers of "take back the night" marches. For example, Mindy Brickman '91 of Princeton made graphic rape allegations of a violent rape at the "take back the night" march, ones which she later was forced to admit were completely false after causing a campus uproar. (The details of her story where not only provably false but grossly libelous both to the "rapist" and to the Princeton administration, whom she claimed gave only a one-year suspension for the alleged crime.)

Similarly, recently several men where arrested at Hofstra university for a gang rape in a campus bathroom. The accuser was found to have fabricated her charge when it came to light that the whole eagerly consensual group-sex encounter was on video, unbeknownst to the accuser. (It was a strange case indeed, from all perspectives.)
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