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Reviewed in the United States on April 28, 2020
I bought this book wanting to learn how to read faster and enhance my memory. I got more than that.

Kwik describes learning myths like:
-->You’re as smart as you’ll ever be. (You’re not).

-->Education ends when you graduate school. (The real world is a constant test).

-->Believing you are not as smart and skilled as others.
-->Learning something new is hard (e.g., a language, musical instrument, a card game, poetry, baking).
I've believed all these things at various times. Kwik's message is you're better than that.

You can walk away from this book smarter than when you started. There are no magic tricks, but you learn the principles of how to get a stronger mindset, how to discover your purpose and beat procrastination, and methods to become limitless such as speed-reading, memory recall, study habits, focus, and decision making.

I think what's most powerful about this book is that you learn the simple art of appreciating yourself. You understand that you are capable of many great things. I certainly have a lot to consider after reading this book. I always thought it was too late in life to learn a new language. But now I don't think so. Now there is so much I want to learn!

What I learned:
--There are learning myths holding us back.
--I love this quote: “Genius leaves clues. There is always a method behind what looks like magic.” 
I think you can apply this to so many things in life. If you want to get better at X, look at the masters you admire. What was their story? What did they study?
Discovering your guiding question will help you make decisions and frame all your actions around a purpose.
I can read a lot faster and still comprehend!

--Rote learning is not the way to remember. I have tools like visualization to remember more.

I don’t want to wind up losing my memory one day or having something like Alzheimer's happen. I believe this book and others are important tools in my arsenal to keep me young and healthy.
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