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Reviewed in the United States on September 18, 2015
***I have to edit this review. Written below is the one star review reflecting how I felt when Quest changed the recipe the first time in 2015. However, since then (in fact just this year, 2016) they changed it again. Clearly I wasn't the only one who hated the new recipe. Well the latest, 2016 Quest recipe is EXCELLENT. Even better than the original that I loved so much, I think. I am grateful and Quest Chocolate Chip Cookie dough is my favorite protein bar again. For now, however, I order directly from Quest to ensure I get the most current recipe.

Old 2015 one star review:
I have been eating Quest Bars nearly every day for more than a year and chocolate chip cookie dough was my favorite. In fact, it is all I order anymore. I look forward to my daily quest bar. I opened my latest box and ate my first bar and it tasted WRONG. Bad taste, different texture, it even looked different. I emailed Quest, wondering if I got a bad batch. No response from Quest. I tried another and it was just as bad. So I decided to do some research. As it turns out, they posted on their blog on 8/26/15 that they changed one of the ingredients. The new ingredient is Soluble Corn Fiber. According to them it is "better." Well, it doesn't taste better. It tastes awful and it ruined the best protein bar they make. It took several days and even contacting them through live chat, but they finally responded to my emails. They cited a production problem as the reason the bar tasted bad. Since mine was a new box, they replaced it with a box of bars that was not part of the "production issue" yet also contains the new ingredient. I received the new box and ate a bar. It is still different. However, there apparently was a production issue because this bar was not as bad as the ones that prompted me to send Quest multiple emails. Those were BAD--everything--taste, texture, even the look of the bar was wrong. This bar only appeared a little off, the texture was nearly the same and the taste wasn't as "off"/bad, but it still is not right. It has an aftertaste that it never had before and just tastes different. It is not the same bar I fell in love with. So all in all, the new ingredient has changed the bar I loved and spent too much money on (these are expensive protein bars) into something I hate and will not waste anymore money on. Be warned! BTW--they have done this in all of the bars.

***I am editing this to let anyone who reads it know I have been trying to find a replacement bar for this. And I finally found two! They both are clean protein bars with similar stats as Quest. The first is B-Up bars. I love the chocolate chip cookie dough.
Yup Brands B-UP Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, 12 bars, 2.2oz each  I have tried most of their protein bar flavors and they are all very good but chocolate chip cookie dough is the best in my opinion.

The other is Mission One bars. They are not as good as B-Up bars, but good. The best is cookies and cream. They have a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor but I didn't care for it. 
MuscleTech Mission1 Clean Protein Bar, Cookies and Cream, 12 Count by Iovate Health Sciences Incorporated

I hope this helps other people who have been disappointed by Quest!
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