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Reviewed in the United States on February 7, 2018
I purchased a pair of these earphones in December 2017 due to the overwhelming number of positive reviews. When they first arrived I was so happy with the sound quality, comfort level in-ear, and their ability to block outside noise. I use my headphones for schoolwork or to watch movies on my computer; I am by no means rough with them, I store them carefully, I'd had my last pair for 8 years, etc. However, only one month after purchase, the left earphone suddenly shorted out and ceased working. I attempted to return them through Amazon and was instead told to contact Panasonic directly.

I tried numerous times to use the Panasonic website's live chat support feature but kept getting a message that there were no employees on live chat at this time (no matter what time of day I tried). I then called their 1-888 support number and the first thing the automated message warned me was that I risked being charged a $9.99 service fee for help if I continued with the phone call and if my product turned out not to be covered under warranty. Given that I didn't know if the earphones were still covered under any limited warranty, I opted to just hang up at that point, write off my money spent, and order a second pair. They arrived on January 25, 2018, and again, I was satisfied. Less than two weeks later, while watching a homework video, the right earphone suddenly shorted out and stopped working.

I called Panasonic again figuring that this time it had to be covered under some warranty at less than 2 weeks old. The customer service rep sent me the e-mail instructions to submit my proof of purchase for both pairs and I later received an e-mail back with the instructions for shipping the headphones. They stated that I was only allowed to ship the product in one specific type of corrugated cardboard container, that it needed to be certain size of that container, and that I would need to pay for tracking and insurance on the product on top of the shipping. The total amount for shipping cost more than THREE pairs of these headphones and they wouldn't guarantee that they would send me two new pairs to replace the two broken ones.

This is the worst experience I've ever had with a purchase from Amazon. I was disappointed and frustrated that I could not conduct my return directly through Amazon and have a replacement sent to me or my money refunded like is usually the case on Amazon, but instead had to do the whole runaround with Panasonic, and I still don't know whether Panasonic will honor its warranty and send me two new pairs. Based on the number of positive reviews for these earphones it seems like I did just get unlucky (twice) with defective pairs, however, if you're one of those unlucky ones you can count your money spent as lost based on the incredible hassle and lack of good customer service to make it right.
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