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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2019
The good:
-Really nice design and great looking phone
-Probably the best hardware on any flagship phone at this time
- fullscreen bezeless
- large sturdy screen that's durable and the body is quite resistant to bending for a phone this size
- supports adding sd card storage of 1tab sdcards extending the 256gb + 1tb total storage = you'll never have to worry about running out of room for photos and videos on your phone ever again
- 4k video, slow motion, and super slow motion
-video motion stabilization is really good
- snapdragon 855 processor means its fast really fast
- nice stylus pen and can act as remote for some phone functions like camera controls
- it has a thin film screen protector installed by default
- you can set default storage of camera and downloads to sdcard and save your phone storage
- Multitasking is very fast and very smooth
- wireless charging and wireless power transfer

The bad:
- The onscreen fingerprint reader sucks, it doesn't work with most screen protectors and even when it does it will fail at least 30% of the time and is exceedingly frustrating if you need to unlock the phone in a jiffy for photos or videos
- the facial recognition so fails about that much and if you change your hairstyle or wear glasses and then stop it will not recognize you sometimes.
- the facial recognition requires good lighting or it will fail almost 100% of the time in the dark, this means if you're out on the streets or at a festival with minimal lighting it will not recognize your face
- it has a thin film screen protector installed by default that could interfere with additional screen protectors unless you remove it, but you'd have to know there was one in the first place which is not mentioned
- the default samsung camera software is inferior n picture taking to even the pixel 3 camera, I installed the google cam and use that instead of the Samsung camera in normal photo situations. The Samsung cam over saturates and loses detail in photos where the google can will capture more realistic results with more details and less photoshopped results that make the photos look almost fake.
- The default samsung messaging app is also really bad, it will compress any images and videos to such a degree that it will be totally blurry of you send things over SMS. It will also limit the size you can send beyond what other phones allow. Images you send will be subpar and pixelated. I had to switch to the google messenger downloaded from the play store; it is superior in every way and I can send things over like I was able to on my iPhone; the quality is much better than the compressed mess the Samsung default message app was doing
- the navigation swipes are hard to do sometimes due to the size of the screen and the keyboard layouts are not well designed for one handed use even in one handed mode, I had a much better one handed experience on my note4.
- this phone is near impossible to operate with just one hand most of the time
- the placement of the camera in the top left corner means when you try to take photos in landscape mode your fingers can easily obstruct a portion of the camera and show up in your photos. They should've kept it like the S10 where it's in the middle of the phone so your fingers would be a lot less likely to get in the way of the camera lense.

I haven't owned a note since the note 4, so for me this was a huge improvement in most areas and I was waiting for a fullscreen bezeless phone with an onscreen fingerprint reader so that's why I chose the note 10+ over the pixel 4xl. I also wanted the flagship phone with all the bells and whistles so I chose it over the s10+. I switched from a note to iPhone and being pissed at iPhone's limitations after 5 years, mostly related to storage and random apps disappearing into icloud, I decided I needed to go back to android and was waiting for the right phone.

I am overall very satisfied with the phone in the $600-700 price range, but wouldn't get it in the $1000 range due to some big flaws I mentioned above. I'd buy this phone again in this price range because i still it's great and in most ways its superior to the pixel and iPhone, but I think samsung could've done much better on this phone especially since this is their flagship model. Oh also Bixby is annoying and I turned that off right away. If this was full retail of over $1000 I'd sadly go back to using an iphone or pay $600-700 for a pixel 4xl.
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