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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2017
I own several headphones including hesh 2 wireless and some of the Sony xB line. To be fair I will only compare these with other headphones in similar price range like Sony xb650bt and hesh 2 wireless.

The sound on Grind is quite good. It is balanced and does have more base then hesh 2. Overall I think they sound the best of the of thos I have in similar price range. Hesh 2 is balanced but flatter and xb650 favor base more over other tones.

The range and connection is about average. There is not the slight thud with Bluetooth when there is some time of silence like with hesh 2. Range I'd say is about 30 feet before it starts cutting out.

For an on ear these are pretty comfortable but after a few days of wearing I can feel them pushing on my ears more. The ear pads are soft but not very thick. This was kind of the opposite sensation I had with the other headphones that started out stiff and hurt ears more but over time have conformed to my ear size (hesh 2 and Sony's)

It does have some padding on the headband which is hard to see in the product photos. I think some of the styles have different padding. My pair is the black version.

These are pretty simple and fit nicely on my head. Unlike hesh 2 that have a very wide fit and cans are just huge, there have a much smaller for factor. I don't feel embarrassed wearing them in public like I do with the hesh. Sony is kind of in the middle with larger cans but the band is straight around the head. Overall I like the grind style the best.

The grind wireless come with micro USB charging cord and a 3.5mm audio cord (no mic on it so you can only use mic in wireless mode).

The button controls are small and simple but I would prefer if they had put the power button at the bottom (like with hesh 2) as opposed to in the middle of the volume buttons. I have accidently hit power button instead of the volume several times. It doesn't turn off without a long press so no issue there is just is a bit annoying until you get used to the layout. One good improvement over hesh 2 wireless is that the power button light is much smaller and the obnoxious blinking is not there. It still blinks when in use but the light is much smaller and with its placement is far less noticeable or annoying.

The band is aluminum so should hold up much better than hesh 2 wireless. Weight is also much less so dropping should not be as much of an issue. No carrying case included (or even the thin bag that came with hesh 2, at least it was good for putting the cords in). These should be fine to throw in a bag as long as your not piling heavier things on top of them.

Battery life
Rated for 12 hours and this seems accurate. They get longer life if you play at lower volumes.

These are a solid on ear headphone. Have very good sound, Decent comfort and good build quality. For less than $100 headphone these compete very well against similar priced competitors.

----------------UPDATE 8/17------------------
After several months of use the headset has become quiet uncomfortable. it's kind of ironic because the opposite happened with hesh 2, which became more comfortable as you use them. the ear pads are thin on these and lose their comfortable quickly. also one other very annoying issue, the headband was not small enough. i dont think i have that small of a head but even at the lowest setting i found them sliding off my head unless i was making sure to keep my head still. sad because i really liked the sound and look of these. im sure for the right person they would be perfect but maybe not if you have a small head.
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