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Reviewed in the United States on November 3, 2018
Hey, In general I love my Echo, but I got a defect product with a noises while I playing music. After a long chat with Amazon on online support channel they came to conclusion that my Echo device have a problem, there is need to say that I used her only for 2 weeks and only on weekends.
I truly love this device but it s*ck that its have this problem, and they couldn't help my case because I do not longer in the U.S, I only visit there every year+ ... even a refund they disagree to offer if they will not shut down the device remotely. My reply for this solution was "I bought this device to use it, and I don't want to stay with nothing..."
I wish there someone else who could help me in this case, I payed good money for this ($53.11) and I got a bad felling afterwards ... the agent in the support channel even asked me to send the device from the country I'm living right now but this will cost even more, and he knew that. Another funny solution he offered me is to send the device in one more year and replace it *if* I will visit again in that time frame in the US.
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