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Reviewed in the United States on October 10, 2019
I would have given this charger a 5 star rating but for 2 cons..
1. There is no AC 110v on/off switch. You will have to unplug it from the 110v to switch it off or reset the charger. Even under no load there is an arc at the plug when this done which will eventually degrade the plug or socket contacts.
2. It is overpriced... Should $10.00 less for this product as is. Remedy point 1 above and it would be better value for money.

It is overall a good charger which appears to be well built and so far works as advertised. My high end test meters show the appropriate voltage and current is being applied to the battery for the auto detected state of charge. The clips and leads are well sized and of good quality.
Note. As with ALL digital chargers, this charger will not detect a totally discharged battery (less than 2 volts) and will report " please put the clamps on". Solution... connect a battery of 6v to 12v in parallel ( + to + and - to -) to the dead battery. This will "trick" the charger into detecting the minimum required voltage and it will begin to charge. At this point be sure to disconnect the donor battery.
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4.4 out of 5
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