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Reviewed in the United States on February 6, 2019
I've never left a 1 star review but this is quite serious and not immediately apparent.
I never use the hose attachment, only the tank. For a time I was very happy with this machine. The tank water was clear as it should be. Strangely, the tank gradually became discolored with sediment and green/brown film that I finally discovered was coming from standing water growing organisms in a pooling area behind the hose outlet. Luckily, I unscrewed and removed the cap on the hose outlet or I wouldn't have disovered this. When I removed the cap, nasty water poured out with chunks of green/brown growth in it and the inside of the hose attachment pipe was covered with it. When I tilted the machine backwards, even more tainted water came out! This is with the tank empty and/or removed meaning that standing water pools continuously behind the hose attachment below the level where it flows into the tank. I could see the area with a flashlight through the coils. There's damn petrie dish built-in due to bad design and it's impossible to get to it to really disnfect it. It's a recipe for Legionaires disease! Please, for health's sake, check this is you own this unit and use the tank! By the way I have owned dehumidiers made by Hair and Whirlpool and never encountered this type of situation.
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