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Reviewed in the United States on July 28, 2020
Effectively I bought this for ~$12 per light. Compared to what recessed lights used to cost, this is dirt dirt cheap. There are many things going for this:
1. Price is right
2. Looks very nice installed
3. Sturdy high quality mechanical construction of the lights
4. Very easy to install - no need for complex cans to screw into the joists like the old days. The light is the thickness of the drywall and clips onto the drywall. One just needs to make a round hole and connect.
5. When a unit goes bad, the vendor replaces it free no questions asked, right away (within days). I had installed 22 units thus far and 2 had to be replaced. Once replaced, I believe it will last virtually forever. So, ~10% go bad shortly (< a few weeks) after installation if it is to go bad. The other units have now lasted a year with absolutely no problems.
6. Uses very little electricity
7. Generates very little heat
8. I bought warm white. Very nice color
9. Nice and bright. Just the right brightness for me. However, I also installed some with a dimmer to control the mood.

Note: Although I had 2 go bad on me (out of the 22 installed), these appear to be very reliable once the bad units have been identified and replaced. Bad units are doomed to failure right out of the box and the good units are built like tanks. Very sturdy overall mechanical construction. In both cases, the lights themselves were fine. What went bad was the power supplies that sit inside the individual junction boxes. I get a sense of high build quality. Once replace, the units should last virtually forever for all intents and purposes.

Everybody who has seen the lights had lots of good things to say about them.
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