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Reviewed in the United States on April 12, 2017
I love the Wings of Fire books!! And this book was no exception! And I'm not even done with the book! I'm at page 293 though. But this book has just the right amount of plot themes all over the book! It's filled with excitement, tragity, love, mystery, and a sense of calm. I also liked this book because it was WAY less predicable than the first five of the prophecy. I think it was because of not having a "over hanging" prophecy which frankly made those books a little predicable:( So this book had me sitting at the edge of my seat the whole time, around every corner! This also answered a lot of my questions about animus dragons, and darkstalker. The book really helped me understand how darkstalker grew up and who clearssight was! And how she had came to the point of betraying darkstalker. SPOILER ALERT Fathom's part was also the best! I loved how he was in love with Indigo and how he was forced to abondon her when she was a big part of his life because he could not offer Indigo dragonets or even marrying. I was really heart broken when Indigo left Fathom, it was getting so good! I liked how after she leftt Fathom kept the carving of Indigo after she left. END SPOILER ALERT All in all anyone who sees this review should not even hesitate to get the book. I hope that the book will not end in a cliff hanger though! But I think it would be cool to continue the "Legends" branch of the series! I even have a few ideas! AWEOSME BOOK!!!!
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