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Reviewed in the United States on December 7, 2003
KOTOR's mix of options for your character, its storytelling, and the interactions with the non-player characters in your party show developer Bioware at its best--these aspects of the game are as good as anything in the classic Baldur's Gate series. You can develop your character as a noble Jedi or a corrupt and vile servant of the dark side of the Force--and, unlike many games, still win either way. Your party members will comment on your actions and raise their own troubles and start new quests. The story itself, set thousands of years before the Star Wars movies, is not groundbreaking, but touches on classic themes of redemption and betrayal. This is good stuff.
Combine it with the fact that you get to play with all the cool Jedi powers and lightsabers, without having to deal with the annoyances of the Star Wars prequel movies--there are no silly attempts to rationalize the Force, there are no bumbling sidekicks. In fact, somehow, Bioware managed to slip in discussions about how the Jedi may have misunderstood the Force all along. Bioware seems to know how to make the Star Wars universe interesting in ways George Lucas forgot long, long ago.
But, alas, it's not perfect. Where KOTOR falls down is in its interface. This game was developed for both the PC and the Xbox, and it shows. Unlike most PC RPGs, where you can tell your character what to do, and he does it, in KOTOR, you have to steer him (or her) around as in a 3rd person shooter game (e.g., Tomb Raider). Equipping your character or managing your inventory are arduous tasks, limited by the need to accomodate the Xbox. Moreover, unless you have a pretty powerful PC, your attempts to maneuver the interface will be hampered by frequent slowdowns in the graphics. Fortunately, the fighting is done in a more conventional style, where you issue commands to your character (plus your party members, if you want).
The interface problems never quite went away, but I became accustomed to them by the second or third day. Once you reach that point, they do not overshadow a terrific game.
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