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Reviewed in the United States on January 20, 2012
My kids and I have been having fun with Skylanders since Christmas (well, my son and I have. My daughter is happy being a spectator, though she has her faves) and though we completed the game, we've been going back for hats, treasure chests, soul gems, etc. and maxing out their levels and upgrades as we get new characters.

Seeing as how Bash didn't have any long range attacks, I thought he would be kind of limited in how effective he was. Boy, was I wrong! That 360 tailswipe pretty much kills or pushes back everything around you, even the big fire dudes and those knights with the big swords. If you time it right, they can't even get a hit on you. And if you've at least gotten to Kaos' Lair, you can use that to level him up in no time. I took him up to just short of going to Kaos' castle and he was already up to Level 7. And that was just ONE run with nothing more than his two basic attacks. No upgrades.

If you only buy one Earth type, Bash is the one to get. You won't be sorry.
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4.5 out of 5
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