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Reviewed in the United States on September 13, 2008
Big bad wolves. We all know they're out there. Right? There's no denying it. So if you go to the Burrowing Library to check out a book on wolves, you do know to look right and left on your way home. Look behind you. Keep a 360 going because wolves are known to sneak up on you.

Tell that to our Bunny. You know how they are--they like to be scared! What's the scariest? Wolves. Bunny checks out a book simply called "Wolves." Wow, they look so real on the pages! Bunny, look behind you--a wolf got out and is in his Granny clothes. Bunny, look out, he's part of those trees just ahead. Bunny, you're walking on his feet. Please look up.

Until it is too late. The jagged tears on the book cover, the chewed ends show us the truth. The torn-out piece of paper with one word: Rabbits. We tried to warn the Bunny. But here's a note from the author: No rabbits were harmed in the creation of this book. And for sensitive children, here is an alternative ending: Torn out pieces from the book re-fit, cubist style, to recreate the new ending. Bunny and Wolf having a jam sandwich. Only a comatose child couldn't figure out that this is really just a fake ending. Besides, look at all the stacked up over-due notices lying at Bunny's door--unread.

When I finished reading this to my great-niece, Carolina, she gasped audibly, jerked her head toward me, scrunched up her face the way she does, and said, "Let's read another book." So much for alternate endings for sensitive children.

"Do you know what happened to the Bunny?"
"Yes, he got ate!"
"Does that bother you, Carolina?"
"No, Aunt Judy. It's a book. Silly!"

She's four. I'm way older. It bothered me.

Note: Actually, I love this wildly creative book!
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