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The manufacturer commented on the review belowReviewed in the United States on August 22, 2018
I purchased this product from Amazon, and out of the box I noticed a design error: The pictures all show the unit oriented with the Cord organizer on the "bottom" and the Power Strip cord on top... But in reality, the slotted holes on the back of the power strip are cut so that the cable organizer will be on top, and the power cord on the bottom (opposite all of the pictures). This means all the power cords in the clip splay out like an upside-down mop - not very organized.

Then everything got worse. At first I only had a couple things plugged in, and they worked. but as I added a game console, DVD player, etc. I noticed some of the items didn't work. A little investigation with a multi-meter found that an entire side of the power strip was dead. Then my Digital Receiver stopped working, even when plugged into a completely different outlet (it is now dead).

I had it more then 1 month, so I called Belkin Customer Service to discuss their warranty. That was a joke. The Customer service Rep was a jerk over the phone, and basically said that Power Strips bought through Amazon didn't qualify for their warranty because "Belkin doesn't know how long it was kicking around on Amazon's shelves before it was purchased".

So let's see, flawed design, DOESN'T WORK OUT OF THE BOX, FRIED my Decoder, and Belkin won't back their warranty...

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