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Reviewed in the United States on March 17, 2020
I loved the first book and was really looking forward to the second installment. I was left feeling completely underwhelmed and frustrated.

The main character’s dependence on fixing the relationship with her mother does not ring true and feels completely juvenile and pathetic. She calls her mom by her first name and has repeatedly led the reader to believe that they don’t have a good relationship. And yet she still crawls back to her when the relationship is clearly doomed and dragging. It literally ruined the whole series for me.

I loved the main character’s snark and attitude. She’s intelligent and quick. She rolls with the punches and is a ninja at multitasking. But her issues with the love interest are also strained. It feels like the author is forcing the two characters to not get officially together yet unnaturally. Once again, pathetic. I get that she’s emotionally damaged and needs to work on it. So WORK on it. It’s disgusting the way the characters stagnate in their own issues instead of learning and growing. Completely unrealistic and unrelateable.

I actually skipped huge sections of the book in order to get through it and legitimately don’t feel like I missed any part of the story. Sad.
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