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Reviewed in the United States on September 23, 2019
I should have done my research and checked out the authors previous books. While there were some good points and perspectives it quickly became a one sided argument for a plant based diet. As an agronomist I can quickly counter how unsustainable intensive crop production is. The carbon footprint of growing crops seems to be largely ignored or understated because plants are healthy right. Many plants we consume contain many if not more anti-nutrients than bio-available nutrient our bodies can use. I will also argue that confined animal production has a large carbon footprint and produces stressed animals and consuming inflamed animal flesh not healthy. There has to be a healthy balance. Support your local grassfed/finished pasture raised animal producers and farmers markets. These local farmers care for their animals and products. This type of production is the most sustainable from of agriculture. I believe as consumers we should speak with our pocketbooks and support local farmers while avoiding commercially raised and processed foods of all kinds.

The book largely focuses on sustaining from eating animals to save the planet. Shifting the blame from the main problem with is the rapid consumption of fossil fuels. I was hoping for a more in-depth thought provoking look at our own actions in the fight of climate change. For me the vegetarian/vegan agenda ruined the book for me. I was a big disappointment.
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