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Reviewed in the United States on May 17, 2019
Okay so there is no question that whomever watches this will have either loved it or hated it, I'm not sure there is an inbetween. Yes this movie is a head scratcher at some points however the most part I took things in my own way. I think the writer-director certainly was going through his own demons while making this movie for sure. I have to say I kept trying to guess or figure out what was happening and was astounded at every twist and turn. The main actor (bravo Rory) truly was amazing and he was going through major PAST trauma as well as his present trauma all at once. I think the death of his father took him down a rabbit hole of emotions and finally brought up the horrendous things that happened to him as a baby and then as a small toddler. With the passing of his father that brought to the surface things his brain wouldn't let him remember. I think the ending left a lot of questions yes it answered a lot but I have so many more. However I found the acting incredible and the storyline tragic yet amazing in all honesty. This is a dark psychological thriller rather than a horror film. It was great and I find movies like this few and far between. This is a gem and I am glad I found it. I don't want to spoil it for you so I'm sure after you watch it you'll understand. I watched it free thank you Prime but I will say I wouldn't hAve been too upset if I bought it either. WARNING- If you can't handle the topic of child abuse and mental health issues you shouldn't watch. For everyone else I think you'll love it immensely or downright despise it. I loved it. I recommend this very much.
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