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Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2019
What was there to like?

Several times I was tempted to not finish but then I'd remember how this book had earned five stars with over 3k reviews so I kept at it thinking there would be a payoff at the end. There was NOT.

For starters, our protagonist was not at all likeable or endearing. I did not care one iota about any of the characters. While I don't condone Khalil getting shot, it was easy to see why - late at night in a bad area of town with a driver smarting off and disregarding the officer's instructions - anyone might have reacted in a knee-jerk fashion. It was definitely not murder IMHO.

As a white person, I actually found myself wondering 'am I a racist?' as I read this book because I was continually turned off by the manner of speaking throughout. IF you want respect from the world writ large then speak intelligently. I'm reading Michelle Obama's wonderful book right now and she alludes to this very thing. Her parents taught her the importance of proper grammar, showing respect and getting a good education.

Now, all that said I do believe blacks in this country get a raw deal at times, a very raw deal. Injustice? Absolutely. Rogue cops? I have no doubts. But unless and until the black community gets up in arms about the role they themselves play, progress will be nil. Just look at Ferguson and elsewhere what with rioting and looting and destroying cars and businesses.

Um. Yeah, right. A perfect way to get others to respect your point of view. Not at all.
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