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Reviewed in the United States on August 21, 2018
I found this book filled with fact and opinion and not a totally easy read, yet I think it is one of the more important books of the last 10 years on the connection between politics and global capitalism. Kuttner presents an unabashed progressive viewpoint of economic history over the last century, so do not expect to see unfettered free market viewpoints defended or even presented in this book. One can pick at some things in the book. Unions by and large get a pass by Kuttner, who (with the exception of a couple of paragraphs) ignores the corruption in U.S. unions that helped corporate interests marshal support from the general public in severely reducing the power of unions in the mid to late 20th century. Another thing I found frustrating were his solutions going forward for righting the wrongs of global capitalism. General statements like “managed capitalism” or touting his admiration for Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren left me wanting more details. How exactly do we embrace global trade without resorting to Trump-style trade barriers and their ensuing trade wars? We need things like the EU to avoid European wars. He needs a sequel to this book to expand on his recommended solutions. This book certainly convinced me of how we got here. It’s a book everyone who has an interest in global politics and 20th century history should read while taking notes. Memories are short in this country, and there are past events we definitely do not want to repeat!
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