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Reviewed in the United States on July 3, 2020
This may very well be the best of the GE novels so far, in a series with an overall excellent track record for quality and thoughtfulness. Savage Wars features the best written action scenes I can remember reading since early Tom Clancy at least, and they gave that same "authentic" vibe especially as they follow the ordinary soldiers of the Galaxy.

If that's all SW had to offer, it would be a very good book. However, the way it delves into the horrors and costs of war, the underlying tensions of just war theory, even if it's not called out by its formal name, raise it to another level. Spoiler-free, the debate over the actions of Tyrus Rechs, and what constitutes jus ad hello and jus in hello, are crucial to this book, and this phase of the story. If you've heard critics say that GE "glorifies war," or is "nothing but action," this entry should put those criticisms to bed once and for all. If you've heard that it espouses an Utilitarian "ends justify the means" POV, then it's coming from someone who hasn't read the series, and especially this book. Yes the action is adrenaline pumping. Come for that, but stay for something much, much deeper, and full of tears.
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