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Reviewed in the United States on March 4, 2018
I have a nearly 9 year old CyberPower desktop with an Asus P6T Motherboard and wanted to eliminate a potential point of failure to eek out a little more longevity. And if I got some enhanced performance, all the better. Turns out it was a very good move.

Of course the order came within the two day Prime window which one expects from Amazon. I also got the Corsair Dual SSD Mounting Bracket
that was an order option for another 6 bucks. I reviewed it separately but it's a must have if you are installing into a 5 1/2 inch bay like I was. The SSD comes with an Installation Guide, which I didn't need other than to follow a web site link provided in order to install the Samsung Data Migration Software and Samsung Magician Software. Since I was installing the SSD to replace my C System drive, I needed to clone that drive onto the SSD. And the Data Migrations software works perfectly. After formatting the SSD (NTSF), I cloned 232GB to the SSD in just 31 min with a SATA 3.0 to SATA 3.0 connection. It would have been much faster has my PC supported SATA 6.0. Then removed the HDD and installed the SSD into the mounting bracket, connected the SSD to the SATA data cable and power cable (I used the same port as the C drive HDD was connected to), powered the PC up and it booted hassle free, with no issues. It was indeed a perfect clone of the previous drive. There was no issues that required going into the BIOS screen. This will only be an issue if you do not use the same exact SATA data connection that was attached to your former C system drive.

I'm amazed how much faster the drive is. The Magician software not only carves out a bit of the drive for overhead, but it also has a cool performance test you can run on all installed drives. So I ran it on the SSD and a 6 TB WD HDD dedicated to pictures and the Random IOPS results were: for the SSD 8,789 read and 19,775 write vs for the HDD 178 read and 244 write. While that may sound unbelievable, it isn't. You actually experience this speed differential while working on the PC.

This was definitely $150 well spent!
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