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Reviewed in the United States on January 11, 2018
A direct re-release on the PlayStation Vita of Oboro: Muramasa (also known as Muramasa the Demon Blade), originally released on the Nintendo Wii. Muramasa: Rebirth is an RPG arcade style side scrolling hack and slash game. It is decently comperable to Dragon's Crown and Odin Sphere in both art team and gameplay. I found that having two different story arcs and multiple endings for both made it a much longer game in the long run, despite its short, 4 or so hour game length. There are tons of optional challenges scattered throughout the game, great mythological bosses, and tons of swords to forge and collect (over a hundred), each with their own unique special attacks attached to them. To fully complete the game it would honestly take around 15 hours or so, but tge game is decently replayable, and had 4 or so Downloadable Content chapters and playable characters within their own story modes. It adds quite a good amount of play time because of the extra chapters, I'd say clocking in at around 30-35 hours. It's got visually captivating art and a pretty good soundtrack, and even a bit of humor, some dry humor and even some more provocative and mature humor, and just enough of it so that the game can be taken seriously but not way too seriously to the point of being dull. Personally, I really liked Muramasa Rebirth, but I found Dragon's Crown had more to it (plus Dragon's Crown has decent multiplayer and slightly better controls). This game can seem repetitive on occasion, but isn't overly drug out or long to the point where it becomes inherently noticeable, or proves a constant reminder. It's Japanese lore and atmosphere feel pretty fresh in its own right regardless of there being a large number of games in this tried and true style. It's worth a buy, a good deal of value for its price, and the DLC is pretty reasonable too (like $14 USD for all of the DLC chapters). Certainly try it out if you liked Dragon's Crown or Odin Sphere.
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