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Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2019
So first of all, I applaud the concept. Truly, I love the idea and I really wanted this to be the end-all of hygiene products for the rest of my days.

That said, it's simply not. I gave this a few cycles before I decided to write a review. After 3 kids, I'm a very heavy bleeder - super heavy flow tampons might last me three hours on my first day. At night I need a bazooka sized tampon AND a pad in order to not look like a murdered someone in my bed.

My uterus, pre-kids: "Come on gang, we've got this. Slow and steady wins the race." My uterus after kids: "Hold my wine. Watch this." We get the picture?

That said, I've tried the Diva cup, the femme cycle low cervix cup and now this. I've spent way more money on menstrual products than anyone ever should. I'm not exactly hotdog down a hallway here, things snapped back great, according to the man in my life. But interior products continue to be a problem. This product in particular, Ziggy cup, simply doesn't hold enough. If I'm lucky, I get two hours out of it before I'm basically bleeding right past it. I've tried twisting it into different positions, turning, whatever, nothing seems to work. It's fine on light days, I can go all day with it. But my normal heavy days? Forget it.

Is it leak proof? No. Avert your eyes, ye of squeamish readers, but if I'm going pee and I bear down, blood gushes out. Sometimes when I bend over, I spring a leak as well. I've basically rooted around within the old lady tunnel as best I could making sure this thing is in there all the way. It's up behind the pubic bone, I can feel my cervix in it, where it's supposed to be.

Is it easy to insert? That's a great big negative, captain. You fold it in half and shove it down and back, toward the booty-tunnel, so that it slides under your cervix instead of butting up against it and popping back out when you stand up. This thing, unless you have it plenty lubed, does not go. The rim isn't solid enough, so in my case, it squishes up. Even if I get it in there mostly right, I always have this half inch section that I have to just shove in there with my thumb, and it's like "nah dude, no room." Come on, I shoved three humans out of there, there's plenty of room, Casanova.

So here's what I wish for. I used to be a softcup user before they mysteriously disappeared for, like, years. I wish this thing was the *exact same design*, except reusable silicon. That's all. Not asking much. Don't need grooves or honeycomb design or even pink. I don't care about any of that, I'm not about to model the darned thing. Just make it work.

Will I keep using it? For now I'll keep pairing it with pads, because at least I have a longer dry time before having to change pads and I don't fill the bin with tampons. But it's not a solution to my problem by any means. The search continues.
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