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Reviewed in the United States on March 24, 2017
I purchased Those Darn Squirrels based upon the cover of the old man yelling at them in the tree. Reminded me of my neighbor so had to check it out. My daughter found this book to be like a ride on a horse through the English country side. She enjoyed how the squirrels and the old man were at odds. Laughed at the old man's name being "Fookwire". The old man as drawn was entertaining to my daughter and i chuckled too. Shaking his fist at the squirrels like an old man yelling at clouds or on the internet as you will both gave us a laugh. We enjoyed the story, even myself found this to be really funny for a children's book. She asked if squirrels are really that smart, i told her "Yes, they can be smarter than some people." as proven by those so called squirrel proof bird feeders that litter the suburbs. After reading the book inquired if there were others in the series. I believe the continuing sage of Old Man Fookwire and Those Darn Squirrels will be a set right next to the Gerald and Piggie series.
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