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Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2019
I really wanted to be among the lucky ones who didn't have a problem with their phones but unfortunately that wasn't in the cards for me. I essentially received an S10+ brick that takes lovely pictures and videos. The colors really pop on the screen and the images don’t appear overly filtered. The slow mo feature is fantastic!

I received it on a Friday and was pleasantly surprised to see it had no scratches or signs of previous use. Transferring data, apps, contacts etc from my old Galaxy S7 edge was a breeze thanks to smart switch. I tested everything and it all seemed to be working. Due to wifi calling, I didn't realize the phone wasn't connecting properly to my T-Mobile LTE network. It wasn't until during the weekend that I tried calling or texting away from home that it became apparent.

An hour on the phone with T-Mobile customer service followed by 3 or 4 visits to the store failed to resolve it. What's weird is at the store it was working but as soon as I walked out the door, it would stop. It was connecting to an H network instead of LTE, but only in the T-Mobile store. This even baffled the associates.

I have returned it and will consider replacing it with another S10+, and shall update my review at that time.

************ UPDATE *************

On November 20 I placed an order for a replacement with the seller 2019BestSale. Delivery was due on Nov 29 - Dec 2. When it didn’t arrive I emailed the seller and his response was to contact Amazon warehouse. He also stated he didn’t have my address in the system. This is weird because I have purchased a few hundred items over the years and not once has there been an address issue. I emailed him my address and a new date was set of Dec 9-12. That date came and went and still no phone. I contacted him again and his response again was to contact Amazon. A new date has been set of Dec 20 - 23. That's a full month from the order date! I went ahead and canceled it.

My advice, STAY AWAY FROM 2019BESTSALE!!! He takes orders that he is either unwilling or unable to fulfill. He doesn’t set a specific delivery date. It is always a 3 day window and even then, he cannot produce the goods! Unfortunately this seller appears to be one of a few that offers the blue color that I want so I’ll just have to settle for black from a more reputable business.
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