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Reviewed in the United States on December 31, 2016
I believe that everyone should read at least one book dealing with the effects that automation and advanced technologies will have on employment. I bought this book after reading "Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future," by Martin Ford. If you are inclined to only read one such book, my recommendation would be to read Rise of the Robots, which is why I only gave this book only four stars. However, both books provide an excellent history of the geometric rise of technology, to specifically include advances we are likely to see in the near future, and the effect this technology has had on employment. The recent Presidential election demonstrated the wide-spread anger of people who blame outsourcing for the loss of their jobs. These books explain that the more substantial threat is advancing technology, as machines are becoming more capable at replacing people in the work force. Like everyone else, I understood that robots have been taking over the traditional manufacturing jobs that were readily available when I graduated from a Detroit-area high school in the 1960s. I also understood that computers were becoming smarter, as Watson so capably demonstrated by winning "Jeopardy." However, until reading Rise of the Robots I never understood how many jobs are -- or soon will be -- at risk in the near future. The standard response from both political parties is that job security can be assured by a good education. In my opinion, this is no longer a sufficient answer. I believe that it is unlikely that most of our workforce will have the inclination (or economic ability) to continually re-educate themselves for employment that can only be performed by a person, particularly when the number of such jobs will continue to decrease. Obviously, both authors present a much more thorough analysis of the issue than my brief comments, which is why I believe that everyone should read at least one such book so they have a better understanding of the problem and its potential solutions.
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