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Reviewed in the United States on January 14, 2019
I've used this brand and model of headset for years. I use it for gaming and also Skype. It's lightweight, comfortable and can be used for hours with no problem. It sounds pretty good too and the mic gives crystal clear sound to anybody I call. I get about 2 years of use from a set BUT that time should be longer. The reason it isn't, is one design flaw which has destroyed every pair I've owned. And I might mention I'm not rough on the device nor do I alter or mishandle it in any way. The flaw is in the quality of materials used in the build.

From the USB plug to the inline control unit, the device as a nice, heavy cable. It's rugged, durable and stays very flexible. However, from the inline control unit to the headset, the cable is about the thickness of a pencil lead and it always gets brittle over a few months and breaks either just where it comes out of the control pad or, (less likely), where it connects to the headset. This destroys the headset and into the trash she goes. I've taken to buying a couple of extra headsets because of course it's going to break at the most inopportune time.

If Logitech would simply use the heavier cable throughout the build, the brittleness and breaking problem would be solved and would double the lifespan of the product. Of course, the longer the product lifespan, the fewer units sold so I don't suppose Logitech is in any hurry to address this issue.

OTHER THAN THAT, I really do like the headset. If I didn't, I wouldn't put up with the flimsy cable and keep buying the product in spite of it. Besides, replacing the set every couple of years isn't too bad. But it would be better if it lasted twice as long.
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