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Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2017
I got this deal on prime day and I had high expectations for it. Basically unless you can put the door on the end, you need two extra parts that are not included in the box. WIthout these two parts you can't connect the last bar which uses the mounting brackets to attach to the wall. So if you change the configuration to put the door where you want it (not on the end) you are guaranteed to be missing parts and can't use the gate. The instructions even guide you to configure the gate however you want but don't say that if you do, you will be missing critical parts to even mount one end of the gate.

From other reviews I read this is not a surprise, it's been happening for at least 3 years. I would hope a company, after 3 years of making people call to ask for items that should be included in the box, you would just put the 50 cents worth of plastic pieces in the box so people can properly configure the gate however they want, right out of the box. Why make me call and ask for what you should be doing if you actually cared about the people who use these gates and the babies they protect.

Edited 7/26/17 - Today I received the 2 parts that allow me to install the last bar with the wall mounts. THe rep I spoke with on the phone said if you use an odd number of gate panels there aren't enough parts in the box. I asked her if they wanted to ship the parts that should have been in the box or if they wanted me to return the gate. They shipped the parts for free. I'm keeping this at 3 stars. One star off for claiming the gate can be configured in any method in the instructions, which is clearly incorrect. And another star off for then making me call them to ask for what they should have sent in the original box, waiting weeks while using the gate propped up by a piece of furniture because I needed it immediately and it wasn't ready to install out of the box.
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