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Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2015
Okay, okay... wow!

So if it wasn't for a friend of mine I would not have even considered reading this and I surely would have missed out and this epic adventure!

I started out a bit skeptical, I mean, I'm reading and the heroine is talking about one Prince and I'm just there like 'yeah, yeah I see where this is going'. That is until The Phantom made his appearance and I was in love! ♡_♡ Seriously though, I fell in love with his words and his wit and anyone reading would do this same! I couldn't possibly write a review without making special mention of him.

Anyway, I loved the build up of this story and I loved the progress Vhalla made through out the book. It was everything I love about a YA story and the recipe for an amazing adventure.

First there was Prince Aldrik, he was tortured, witty, smart, dangerous and everything to make him a bad person. But he was also so much more than the mask he wore for the public. I do love that about him. He reminded me of Damon from The Vampire Diaries (whom I love oh so very much with his basses self who wore black all the time and had eyes as dark as night! I'm swooning just thinking about him), Warner from Shatter Me (who didn't wear all black but he emitted the same presence as Damon that made me fall for him as well), and there there is Darren from The Black Mage (he to was a price who only wore black and with the eyes and everything even the fact that he was the only member the royal family with magic and wore a mask that he allowed no one to see)!

OMG Aldrik and Darren are almost the same!!!
S***, I didn't see until now!! I can continue to make comparisons but what would be the point in that?

Vhalla, she was a pretty awesome heroine. I loved that she was able to stand her ground (even though she didn't really have a choice, hehehehe I love the Prince) and to see how she was able to overcome the stress and trials of what it means to be a sorcerer. She did a lot of accepting in this book and now I look forward to her growth and development. Oh and I didn't hate her or was annoyed by her so there is hope for her yet!

Price Baldair, I think there is much more to him that meets the eye and from the little preview at the end of the book, we are in for a surprise with him.

In all honesty I enjoyed this book more than I thought I was going to. It was fun, intriguing and filled with so much potential, for a most epic adventure that I couldn't put it down!

I was also completely enthralled by the relationship that Vhalla and Aldrik developed. I swear, I was always at the edge I my seat with it came to those two. Talk about explosive tension! *fans self* The scenes at the Gala and the chapel, golly, just simple looks had me smirking with delight! But what really had my heart in a tizzy was what the Master told Vhalla,

"Fire needs air to live. Air fuels fire, strokes it, and makes it burn brighter and hotter than it ever could alone. But too much air will sniff it completely, just as too many flames will consume all the air. They are far greater that the sum of their parts together, but are equally as dangerous to each other's existence."

If that alone doesn't make you want to read this book then go get your head check! But you will still read it anyway because it was an awesome-sauce book!!!!
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