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Reviewed in the United States on March 26, 2019
This series was honestly the worst series that I have ever read. Bella is the worst role model for girls, and was not relatable AT ALL. Her main problem is choosing between two monster guys, and she is a weak person that teaches girls everywhere that you need a boy to be happy.

Bad points of the story:

- When edward leaves bella she jumps off a cliff
- bella has a baby at only 17, which encourages teen pregnancies in young girls
- her baby eats her stomach and then tries to eat HER
- bella drinks blood before she becomes a vampire
- bella chooses to leave her entire life behind in order to become a vampire and be with her bf that she has only known for like a year
- a guy that used to like bella now likes her DAUGHTER
- Bella is a weak inferior human being that relies on her bf and his family for protection
- bella's bf tries to kill himself after he thinks bella died
- bella is rude and mean to all of her friends
- stephanie meyer oversexualizes werewolves and vampires
- bella is in love with a guy that is 100 years older than her
- what kind of vampires SPARKLE??
- the entire series is about bella falling in love, her bf protecting her, her causing trouble, her bf protecting her…

OVERALL, the books suck. I dont know what stephanie meyer was thinking, but her series' main character is a horrible role model for girls, and her series is incredibly boring, weird, and unrealistic.
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