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Reviewed in the United States on May 21, 2019
In a few previous reviews, I have stated that I am not a Democrat or a Republican and have always voted for the person that I felt was most qualified for the office they were seeking. Now that I am older (in my 70's), I truly long for the day when good old Walter Cronkite was the anchor on CBS news.

The author illustrates exactly what my thoughts have been for several years and for me, the main point, is the bias by omission. In the evenings I used to watch (notice I said used to watch) NBC, CBS, MSNBC and on occasion ABC, FOX and CNN. On any given night, on some stations, the reporters left just enough information out to 'change' the news. Now, in the morning I listen to BBC in order to get world news. Edited to add that I am a USN Chief, Retired, and spent 10 years + overseas. The news we received was either from the AFRTS radio station or the newspaper with day old news. And, both of those sources were accurate to my knowledge.

Seriously, I don't have the stomach to listen to the national news now. I gave up completely about a year ago and have switched to reading books about the reason 'things' have changed in our country.

And, I agree with the statement that what is missing is the 'integrity and the objection' of the reporters. We, the American people, are the ones that are being fed the biased reporting. Day by day, week by week, and now year by year. Sad but true...

This was an interesting and educational read for me. A lot has changed since the early days of our founding...and I fear not for the best....

Most highly recommended.
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