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Reviewed in the United States on January 17, 2020
I own a number of Anker, Aukey, and RavPower products, and this is the worst of all that I’ve received. From wireless chargers to MacPro chargers, cables and surge protectors, I have and enjoy all of it. Until I opened this. The box looks very well packaged, just like any of the three brands, that are considered the top accessory makers. But when I opened it, the wires are all tangled, as if someone just shoved into the box, and not nicely coil it. I like my wires clean and straight, so that I can use cable tie to neatly tie it. But this product, is pretty low grade in my AND Anker’s standards. (The long power outlet in the picture is Aukey’s, that I received on the same day.

In addition, the cables look like it was picked up from some small Chinese factory in the middle of a countryside. All the writings on the cable are for non-US standards, that doesn’t mean anything to me, except UL certification (I have engineering degree). I would rely on Anker to choose the right cable, but not write all over the cable itself, so dirtily. Because of the writings on the cable, I can tell that the cable is all twisted 540 degrees or more from one end to end. When you use a cable for many years, the cables twist and looks ugly.... this is what Anker’s product looks like.

I am so disappointed in Anker on this product. I always thought Anker was on top of the three, but now I may have to go with Aukey or RavPower from now. Sorry Anker. Try better next time, and don’t use cheap Chinese factory to cut cost, which will degrade your customers expectation. I’d rather pay a little more for better product.
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